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CR-39 Polarised Sunglasses



[fitted with CR-39 Polarised lenses]




Highly functional and indispensable CR-39 polarizing lenses from Raylite Optical are here to stay. Not just fashion or fad, everyone can benefit from more relaxed vision, especially those who find themselves working or enjoying leisure or sporting activities outdoors. CR-39 polarised lenses protect the eyes from annoying, troublesome and even damaging glare.

What are CR-39 polarised Lenses?

In short, safety, comfort, reliability and durability...

Ray-Lite uses the latest polarizing technology, the polarizer absorbs unwanted light waves, allowing the light waves essential for viewing objects clearly to traverse through.

Our polarizing lenses (as opposed to the traditional polarizing filter sandwich) are increased quality multi-layer hard resin lenses, to be available as both plano and ophtalmic, filtering 100% of harmful UV, covering up tp 400nm, coupled with high polarization efficiency and optimized delamination resistance.

Delamination has been a problem in the past with conventional polarizing lenses. However, Ray-Lite uses specialized processes to fuse the multi-layer system of this dynamic lens, which means the polarizer is practically built-in.

Of additional advantage, CR-39 polarised Sunglasses is the perfect partner for sporting activities, as it is particularly impact resistant more than satisfying FDA 'drop ball test' requirements.

Protect your eyes, reduce glare and improve your view, only polarizing lenses: Experience Polarview.


High disruptive, glare is essentially reflected light waves, but is also the most fatiguing and stressful form of light for the eyes, especially outdoors. This glare needs to be reduced or eliminated by filtering it from view. Annoying glare bounces off smooth surfaces of all kinds, impacting our lives in a number of ways. Not only is it uncomforatble and obstructs vision, but glare can also be extremely hazardous, especially when on the road.


Normally light waves travel freely, vibrating in all directions, even after rebounding off surfaces. However, reflected light from smooth/flat surface is horizontally concentrated in a non-arbitarary, uniform manner. This polarized light vibrates in parallel planes and thus appears as glare, causing both fatigue and eyestrain. Valuable information about objects to be viewed is lost in the glare and haze; colour, shape and size are often undeterminable.


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